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Pinter’s Pandemic Aesthetics, Volume 5, The Harold Pinter Review

Please join or renew your membership to receive volume 5 of The Harold Pinter Review. Essays by Judith Roof, Arka Chattopadhay, Lucy Jefferey, Russell Vandenbrouke, Robert Berry Fleming (Artistic Director of Actor’s Theatre of Louisville), and David Chaack address Harold Pinter’s Pandemic Aesthetics: Pinter, COVID, and Black Lives Matter.

Stephen Watt, Peter Lawson, Pim Verhist contribute essay that address power, language, and inter-and trans-mediality.

From the Pinter Archives, Jamie Andrews and Zoe Wilcox provide updates and observations.

Matra Alatawi provides our first non-Pinter essay on Irish drama and narrative. And Matthew Roberts provides our first essay on Pinter and pedagogy. And we hope more will follow.

Reviews include a brief statement by James Fox who played the young man in Pinter and Losey’s 1963 film The Servant.

Please join by 1 April 2021.


Essays for Volume 6 are due 1 August 2021.


Penn State Press BTW will now work with Duke UP.


Ann C. Hall, President


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