Pinter at MMLA Chicago November 14-17 2019

The International Harold Pinter Society is seeking submissions for the Pinter Panel at the Midwest Modern Language Association to be held in Chicago on November 14-17, 2019.

(Re)Pinter: Riffs, Recreations, and Reproductions

Harold Pinter’s poetry, drama, fiction, creative non-fiction, political non-fiction, and screenwriting engage in various creative and critical modalities, both drawing from and influencing the work of other artists and creative writers. To celebrate the mutiple-modality of Pinter’s influences and legacy, The International Harold Pinter Society invites creative presentations, including poetry, short plays, monologues, short fiction, film, images, enactive presentations, imaginative production design concepts, and other playful alternatives to the standard conference paper. Works should in some way respond to, riff on, or register the Pinteresque in more or less attenuated ways. Please send a brief sample of the work to be presented–a selection of images, a discursive description, sample dialogue, or excerpts, to ann.hall by April 15th, 2019, as well as a one-paragraph explanation of the way proposed work connects to Pinter. Please also indicate what (modest) production/presentation and logistic needs you may require, including AV and additional readers. Please include a title, CV, and contact information.

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