Join the Harold Pinter Society – contribute to the journal

The Harold Pinter society is open again to new members, and plans are in place now to publish new volumes of the journal.

The International Harold Pinter Society (IHPS) is dedicated to studying the various art forms of Harold Pinter and other contemporary playwrights. Over the past few years, the IHPS has not collected dues because the journal, The Pinter Review, was not being published. Recently, however, IHPS found support for the journal through Penn State University Press and funding from the University of Louisville.

We hope you will join us and participate in the International Harold Pinter Society for the 2017 year when the next volume of The Pinter Review will appear. For this “comeback” volume, we have solicited essays from Pinter scholars on the topic of Pinter and time. We are also soliciting essays and theatre and book reviews for the 2018 volume. Send queries regarding the journal to or

Download the announcement flyer to help spread the word.

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