Pinter Review: previous publications

The Pinter Review Volume 1, No. 1, 1987

Introduction to Harold Pinter’s Unpublished Novel The Dwarfs Francis Gillen
From: The Dwarfs Harold Pinter
The Temporality of Structure in Pinter’s Plays Austin Quigley
The Multiple Levels of Action in Pinter’s Victoria Station Katherine H. Burkman
Pinter’s Scenic Imagery Katharine Worth
Observations of Two Productions of Pinter’s Old Times Steven H. Gale
For Harold Pinter (Poem) Alan Bold
Productions Reviews
The Birthday Party (BBC2, June 4 1987) Ronald Knowles
The Lover and A Slight Ache (Young Vic June 1987) Gerald Berkowitz
The Dumb Waiter (ABC, May 12 1987) Arlen Collier
Book Reviews
David T. Thompson: Pinter – The Player’s Playwright Martin Esslin
L.A.C. Dobrez: The Existential and Its Exits Anne Paolucci
Katharine H. Burkman: The Arrival of Godot: Ritual Patterns in Modern Drama Susan Brienza
Elin Diamond: Pinter’s Comic Play Katherine Kelly
Recent Developments in Pinter Criticism
Harold Pinter Bibliography 1986-87 Susan Hollis Merritt

The Pinter Review Volume 2, No. 1, 1988

From Chapter Ten of The Dwarfs to Mountain Language: The Continuity of Harold Pinter Francis Gillen
From The Dwarfs (unpublished novel) Harold Pinter
Staging the Ideology Behind the Power:
Pinter’s One for the Road and
Beckett’s Catastrophe
Judith Roof
The Weasel Under the Cocktail Cabinet:
Rite and Ritual in Pinter’s Plays
Leslie Kane
Pinter’s Turtle Diary: Text into Subtext Katherine H. Burkman
The Medieval Roots of Pinter’s A Slight Ache: The Matchseller as Fool Kelly Bellanger
The Beat Goes On: Sexual Politics in Harold Pinter’s The Lover Anne C. Hall
Production: Comments and Reviews
Keeping up the Mask: Some Observations ofn Directing Pinter Carey Perloff
The Birthday Party Susan Hollis Merritt
The Birthday Party Bernard F. Dukore
The Room Anne Marie Drew
Mountain Language Martin Esslin
Book Reviews
Bert O. States, Great Reckonings in Little Rooms: On the Phenomenology of the Theatre Steven H. Gale
Steven H. Gale, ed., Harold Pinter: Critical Approaches. C. David Frankel
Harold Pinter Bibliography, 1987-1988 Susan Hollis Merritt

The Pinter Review Annual Essays 1989

Correcting the Space: Scenic Negotiations in No Man’s Land Stanton B. Garner, Jr
Ambiguity, Identity and the Violent Struggle for Dominance in The Birthday Party
Penelope Prentice
Harold Pinter, Citizen
Ronald Knowles
“I Decided She Was”: Representation of Women in The Homecoming Debra A. Sarbin
The Rhetoric of Evasion as Political Discourse: Some Prelimiaries on Pinter’s Political Language Elizabeth Sakellaridou
Harold Pinter in New York Observed by Lois Gordon
Old Friends Reminisce Al Kalson
Briefly Noted…Queries
Production: Comments and Reviews
A Conversation with Carey Perloff, Bill Moor, Peter Riegert, Jean Stapleton and David Straithain after Matinee of Mountain Languageand The Birthday Party Susan Hollis Merritt
A Master Class in Play Direction
Mountain Langauge and The Birthday Party Francis Gillen
Book Reviews
Elizabeth Sekallaridou: Pinter’s Female Portraits Leslie Kane
Volker Strunk: Harold Pinter: Toward a Poetics of HisPlays Katherine H. Burkman
Ronald Knowles: The Birthday Party and The Caretaker: Text and Performance Henry I. Schvey
Anthony S. Abbott: The Vital Lie: Reality and Illusion in Modern Drama Martin Esslin
Richard Allen Cave: New British Drama in Performance on the London Stage Ann C. Hall
Harold Pinter Bibliography, 1988-1989 Susan Hollis Merritt

The Pinter Review Annual Essays 1990

Pinter: A Culture of Absence Carlos Fuentes
Harold Pinter’s Film Version of The Servant: Adapting Robin Maugham’s Novel for the Screen
Steven H. Gale
Light and Shadow in No Man’s Land
Ayako Kuwahara
Time Passages Leslie Kane
Between Fluiditiy and Fixity: Harold Pinter’s Novel The Dwarfs Francis Gillen
Melodramatic Problematics in Pinter’s Films of Betrayal Harriet A. Deer
Antonia Fraser Presents “No Man’s Homecoming,” a newish play by Harold Pinter Antonia Fraser
Theorizing the Madness of the Real: The Case of Pinter’s Len Marc Silverstein
Production: Comments and Reviews
Harold Pinter 1990: BBC Birthday Celebration; Reviews of The Heat of the Day, Famiy Voices, A Kind of Alaska, Betrayal Ronald Knowles
The Homecoming Revived Martin Esslin
The Handmaid’s Tale Cynthia Baughman
The Birthday Party Steven H. Gale
Book Reviews
Susan Hollis Merritt: Pinter in Play: Critical Strategies and the Plays of Harold Pinter John Gronbeck Tedesco
Richard Hansen
Steven H. Gale; Critical Essays on Harold Pinter Kimball King
Lois Gordon Albert Wertheim
Harold Pinter Bibliography, 1989-1990 Susan Hollis Merritt

The Pinter Review Annual Essays 1991

Essays:Creative Work
The New World Order Harold Pinter
The Embrace of Silence: Pinter, Miller and the Response to Power
Bernard F. Dukore
Voices in the Dark: The Disembodied Voice in Harold Pinter’sMountain Language
Ann C. Hall
Victory: A Pinter Screenplay Based on the Conrad Novel Christopher Hudgins
An Italian Kind of Alaska Margaret Rose
Americal Football Harold Pinter
Satire on Television: The Basement and The Tea Party Kimball King
A Minimalist Approach to Directing The Lover John Lingard
Production: Notes and Reviews
A Kind of Dance, A Kind of Drama: Three Works by Stewart Pimsler Inspired by and Produced for the International Pinter Conference Ann C. Hall
Betrayal Stanton B. Garder, Jr
The Caretaker, Thirty Years On Gerald M Berkowitz
The Hothouse: A Dialogue Between Director and Critic Stephen Gray and Francis Gillen
From London: Harold Pinter 1991 Ronald Knowles
Party Time and Mountatin Language Katherine H. Burkman
Book Reviews
Harold Pinter: Life ,Work, Criticism by Penelope Prentice Brian Richardson
Harold Pinter Bibliography, 1990-1991 Susan Hollis Merritt

The Pinter Review Annual Essays 1992 – 1993

Keeping the Other in Its Place: Language and Difference in The Room and The Birthday Party Marc Silverstein
Two Kinds of Alaska: Pinter and Kopit Journey Through “Another Realm”
Norman J. Meyers
Old Times and Betrayal as Rorschach Test
Robert Conklin
“…Whatever Light is Left in the Dark”: Harold Pinter’s Moonlight Francis Gillen
Essays: Screenplays
Harold Pinter’s Death in Venice: The Comfort of Strangers Katherine H. Burkeman
Cold Comfort: Harold Pinter’s The Comfort of Strangers Stephanie Tucker
Nothing to Fight for : Repression of the Romance Plot in Harold Pinter’s Screenplay of The Handmaid’s Tale Grace Epstein
Harold Pinter on The Trial
Just a Blody Woman: Gendered Realities in The Lover Mary Armstrong
The Metadramatic Prison of Betrayal Claudia Barnett
The Road to Basingstoke: The Birthday Party and the IRA Ronald Knowles
Production: Notes and Reviews
The Homecoming Reviewed by John F. McDiarmid
The Caretaker Reviewed by Leslie Kane
Betrayal in Prague Frantisek Frohlich
From London: Harold Pinter 1992 Ronald Knowles
Book Reviews
Katherine H. Burkman: Simon Gray: A Casebook Reviewed by William Hutchings
Harold Pinter: Ten Early Poems Reviewed by Daniel Vilmure
Bibliography of Harold Pinter 1992-1993 Susan Hollis Merritt

The Pinter Review Annual Essays 1994

Early Draft, The Homecoming Harold Pinter
Evacuees Harold Pinter
The Pinter Archive; Description of the Archive in the British Library Susan Hollis Merritt
Echo[es] in Moonlight Katheine H. Burkman
Violence and Festivity in Harold Pinter’s The Birthday Party, One for the Road and Party Time
Robert Baker-White
Essays: Screenplays
Comments on Harold Pinter’s Adaptation of Franz Kafka’s The Trial Frederick R. Karl
The Trial Jeanne Connolly
Pinter, Trevor and Quiller “in the Gap” Mark Auburn
Production: Notes and Reviews Reviewed by
Moonlight and Pinter in Amsterdam Cobi Bordewijk
Betrayal in Korea Mejeong Kim
Betrayal in Kentucky Steven H. Gale
Home Alone: Pinter Without a Director Anthone Haigh
The Caretaker Brian Richardson
No Man’s Land Francis Gillen
From London: Harold Pinter 1993-1994 Ronald Knowles
Book Reviews
The Pinter Ethic: The Erotic Aesthetic by Penelope Prentice Thomas P. Adler
“A Kind of Alaska”: Women in the Plays of O’Neill, Pinter and Shepherd by Ann C. Hall Judith Roof
Pinter at Sixty, Ed. by Katerine H. Burkman and John L. Kundert-Gibbs William Hutchings
Bibliography of Harold Pinter 1994 Susan Hollis Merritt

The Pinter Review Annual Essays 1995 – 1996

Harold Pinter: A Speech of Thanks
Writing, Politics, and Ashes to Ashes: An Interview with Harold Pinter Mireia Aragay
Early Typed Draft, The Homecoming Harold Pinter
Spatialized Time in Harold Pinter’s Silence C. Clausius
Pinter in Russia Charles Evans
Harold Pinter’s The Comfort of Strangers: Fathers and Sons and Other Victims
Christopher Hudgins
Pinter Playing Pinter: The Hothouse Susan Hollis Merritt
Notes on a Lecture-Workshop on Pinter’s Monologue Margaret Rose
Charting Pinter’s Itinerary: Literary Allusion in A Kind of Alaska Lisa Tyler
The Harold Pinter Archives II: A Description of the Filmscript Materials in the Archive in the British Library Steven H. Gale
and Christopher Hudgins
Expanding Upon Nothing: A Slight Ache and King Lear Robert Cooperman
From London. Harold Pinter 1994-5 and 1995-6 Ronald Knowles
Production: Notes and Reviews Reviewed by
Moonlight in Hamburg Peter Munder
Moonlight and The Homecoming in Prague Susan Hollis Merritt
Moonlight in New York Francis Gillen
Old Times in Washington Brian Richardson
The Proust Screenplay on BBC Radio Mary Bryden
Betrayal in Vancouver Malcolm Page
Landscape in London Robert Gordon
Book Reviews
Understanding Harold Pinter by Ronald Knowles William Hutchings
Conversations with Pinter, by Mel Gussow Stephanie Moss
Gender and Power in the Plays of Harold Pinter by Victor L. Khan Kimball King
Performing Women: Female Characters, Male Playwrights and the Modern Stage by Gay Gibson Cima Kimball King
Appendix: Early Draft, The Homecoming: Amended Version
Harold Pinter Bibliography, 1993-1994 Susan Hollis Merritt

The Pinter Review Annual Essays 1997 – 1998

First Draft, The Homecoming Harold Pinter
Pinter at Work: An Introduction to the First Draft on The Homecomingand Its Relationship to the Completed Drama Francis Gillen
The Plays
Looking for Mr Goldberg: Spectacle and Speculation in Harold Pinter’s The Birthday Party Ann C. Hall
Voiceless Presence: Desire, Deceit and Harold Pinter’s The Collection
Christopher Wixson
Talking About Some Kind of Atrocity: Ashes to Ashes in Barcelona Marc Silverstein
Harold Pinter’s Ashes to Ashes: Rebecca and Devlin as Albert Speer Katherine H. Burkman
The Screenplays
From real to Real: Pinter and the Object of Desire in Party Time andThe Remains of the Day Linda Renton
My Dark House: Harold Pinter’s Political Vision in His Screen Adaptation of Karen Blixen’s “The Dreaming Child Francis Gillen
Book Reviews
An Interview with Michael Billington, Author of The Life and Work ofHarold Pinter Donald Freed
Production: Notes and Reviews
3 by Harold Pinter Robert Gordon
Moonlight in Columbus Marya Bednerik
Ashes to Ashes in New York Katherine H. Burkman
Ashes to Ashes in New York Susan Hollis Merritt
Betrayal in London Elizabeth Winston
Kevin Sweeney
From London
Harold Pinter 1996-1997 and 1997-1998 Ronald Knowles
Harold Pinter Bibliography 1994-1996 Susan Hollis Merritt
Culmulative Index Shannon E. Gale
Nobel Prize Nominating Letters

The Pinter Review: Collected Essays 1999 – 2000

Pinter at School Henry Grinberg
Pinteresque Margaret Atwood
Body and Soul: Poetics and Politics in the Work of Harold Pinter Donald Freed
Harold Pinter and the Case of the Guilty Pen Katherine H. Burkman
Harold Pinter: from Moonlight to Celebration Martin Esslin
An Experience of Pinter: Address to the International Conference on Harold Pinter Michael Billington
From the Pinter Archive, The British Library, London
A Comment on a Holograph Fragment Found Among the Drafts of No Man’s Land A Feminine Voice Francis Gillen
Holograph Draft Fragment Harold Pinter
Poetry, Plays and Films
Vision and Desire in Harold Pinter’s Unpublished Poem “August Becomes” Linda Renton
Celebration in Performance; the Drama of Environment Robert Gordon
Harold Pinter’s Ashes to Ashes: Political/Personal Echoes of the Holocaust Susan Hollis Merritt
Harold Pinter’s Screenwriting: the Creative/Collaborative Process Steven H. Gale
Speaking out
An Interview with Harold Pinter Elizabeith Sakellaridou
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Degree Speech April 18 2000 Harold Pinter
Pinter and Other Writers
Harold Pinter and T.S. Eliot Ronald Knowles
Living in the Present: Pinter and O’Neill, Parallels and Affinities Robert Combs
Pinter in Production
Finding Pinter’s Subtext: Directing The Lover Sidney Homan
Political and Personal Worlds of Play: Women at Play Perform Pinter’sAshes to Ashes Robert Conklin
Shaping Ambiguity: The Chemistry Between Silence, Ghosting, and Framing Devices within a Production of Harold Pinter’s Ashes to Ashes Christy Stanlake
Finding Themselves: The Mandrake Theatre Company’s Production of Harold Pinter’s The Dwarfs Ann C. Hall
Harold Pinter’s The Dwarfs in London: A Playwright’s Perspective Penelope Prentice
No Man’s Land in Athens Elizabeth Sakellaridou
Books on Pinter
Harold Pinter and the New British Theatre by D. Keith Peacock Steven H. Gale
Postmodern/Drama : Reading the Contemporary Stage by Stephen Watt William Hitchings
Staging the Rage: The Web of Misogyny in Modern Drama ed. Katherine H. Burkman and Judith Roof Leigh Joyce Harbin
London Report
Harold Pinter 1998-2000 Ronald Knowles
Harold Pinter Bibliography 1996-1999 Susan Hollis Merritt
Program of the International Pinter Conference, London , England

The Pinter Review: Collected Essays 2001 – 2002

Then and Now
Harold Pinter and the “Unfashionable Theatre”: An interview with Ronald Harwood Donald Freed
Pinter on Pinter: the Lincoln Center Interview
Mel Gussow
From the Pinter Archive, The British Library, London
Draft of Landscape Harold Pinter
“The Shape of Things” Landscape in Draft, Text and Performance Francis Gillen
Landscape and Celebration, Set Designs Eileen Diss
Critical Perspectives
“Oh, My True Love”: The Lover in Pinter’s Landscape Prapassaree T. Kramer
The Unhemilich Maneuver: Ashes to Ashes and the Structure of Repression Craig N. Owens
“You Brought It Upon Yourself”: Subjectivity and Culpability inAshes to Ashes Jessica Prinz
Pinter’s Phenomonological Mis-en-Scene Elizabeth Sakellaridou
The Playwright as Director: Pinter’s Oleanna Ira B. Nadel
Pinter in a Turkish Context Ibrahim Yerebakan
Production The Lincoln Center Festival
The Lincoln Center Pinter Festival: An Overview Steve H. Gale
The Room and The Homecoming, set designs Eileen Diss
Talking About Pinter”An Introduction to the Works of Harold Pinter”, by Michael Billington; “Playwrights on Pinter”: Arthur Miller, Edward Albee and John Guare; “Actors on Pinter”: Blythe Danner, Live Schreiber and Henry Woolf; and “Directors on Pinter” David Jones, Gari Jones and Karel Reisz Reported by Susan Hollis Merritt
Menace Multiplied: Harold Pinter’s A Kind of Alaska and One for the Road Reviewed by Anne C. Hall
Monologue at Lincoln Centre Reviewed by Susan Hollis Merritt
The Gate Theatre’s The Homecoming Reviewed by Charles Grimes
The Room and Celebration Performed by Almeida Theatre Reviewed by Katherine H. Burkman
Mountain Language and Ashes to Ashes: A Playwright/Director’s Perspective Reviewed by Penelope Prentice
Virtual Pinter
Virtual Pinter: Using technology to Re-member The New World Order John and Kristin Kundert-Gibbs
London Report
Harold Pinter 2000 – 2001 Ronald Knowles
Harold Pinter Materials in the Margaret Herrick Library at The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Center for Motion Picture Study Steven H. Gale
The Pinter Ethic: The Erotic Aesthetic (2nd edition) by Penelope Prentice Reviewed by Peter V. Arcese
Harold Pinter and the New British Theatre by D. Keith Peacock Reviewed by Steven H. Gale
The Films of Harold Pinter by Steven H. Gale Reviewed by William Hutchings
Harold Pinter Bibliography: 1999 – 2000 Susan Hollis Merritt

The Pinter Review: Collected Essays 2003 – 2004

Original Documents
Letters from Harold Pinter to Henry Miller
Letter from Harold to his friend, Mick Goldstein, regarding Waiting For Godot.
“I’m Compelled to Ask You Questions”:
Interrogative Comedy and Harold Pinter’s
Ashes to Ashes.
Christopher Wixson
The Cheese-Roll under the Cocktail Cabinet:
Pinter’s Object Lessons
Andrew Sofer
The Contamination of Birth by Sex and Death
in the Plays of Beckett and Pinter
Katherine H. Burkman
Staged Dialogues with Authorship:
Pinter and Beckett as Directors.
Mark Batty
Past, Pinter Present, and Pinter Future
Susan Hollis Merritt
The Modernist as Populist: Pinter’s Betrayal
and Mass Culture
Varun Begley
“Pinteresque” in the Popular Press Susan Harris Smith
The Prescence of Music in Pinter’s Works Ubiratan Paiva de Oliveira
A Festival of Creative Genius: Homage to Harold Pinter
Staging Pinter: From Pregnant Pauses to Political Causes, a panel
with Henry Woolf, Patricia Rozema and Hersh Zeifman
Transcribed and edited by Susan Hollis Merritt, assisted by Sean Donnelly
Process and History in Harold Pinter’s Reunion Screenplay Charles Grimes
Tears and an Actor’ Discovery:
Playing Kate in Old Times
Kathleen Cooper and
Sidney Homan
The Caretaker in New York Reviewed by
Francis Gillen
Challenging Theatre: The Cleveland Playhouse’s
Production of Harold Pinter’s Betrayal.
Reviewed by
Ann C. Hall
An Interview with Pavel Dobrusky and Peter Hackett Joseph Fahey
Betrayal in Denver Reviewed by
Susan Hollis Merritt
The Caretaker and Betrayal Reviewed by
Mary Bryden
Making Spaces: Women at Play’s Production of
Harold Pinter’s The Roomand Celebration.
Reviewed by
Ann C. Hall
The Cambridge Companion to Harold Pinter Reviewed by
Thomas P. Adler
Pinter and the Object of Desire:
An Approach Through the Screenplays
Reviewed by
Ann C. Hall
Sharp Cut: Harold Pinter’s Screenplays and
the Artistic Process
Reviewed by
Christopher C. Hudgins
Harold Pinter 2002-2004 Ronald Knowles
To Martin Bernard Dukore
Robards and Plummer: Partners in “No Man’s Land” David Jones
In Memoriam: Martin Esslin, Mark W. Estrin, and Albert Wertheim Steven H. Gale
Harold Pinter Bibliography: 2000-2002 Susan Hollis Merritt